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9 Warning Signs of Infidelity

July 15, 2022

Although most people never plan on cheating, the lover’s web contains intricate details and tell-tale signs to help couples avoid the drama and recognize the subtle yet obvious warning signs. Here are the top nine things can hint that infidelity is in your midst.

  1. Sudden changes in schedule or canceling plans.

For example, you and your mate routinely have dinner every Thursday night at your favorite restaurant, but lately, they have been canceling and coming up with several different excuses.

  1. There are changes in sexual patterns and alertness.

You and your mate used to have sex 3 to 4 times per week but lately, they seem disinterested, and now you have sex only once a week or less. OR, your mate asks you to try new positions or toys when they know you may not be comfortable with them.

  1. Your partner constantly texts or uses other virtual modalities.

You notice your mate is constantly checking their phone at all hours of the day and night. You may also have discovered that your mate has joined new social networks without telling you.

  1. Your partner changes their underwear.

You notice your mate has been wearing new and sexier underwear. Or you find their underwear in the garbage.

  1. They immediatly shower upon arriving home, especially when it was not routine before.

Upon return home, your mate immediately runs to the shower before greeting you to wash away any evidence. 

  1. Your partner constantly working late.

Your mate constantly comes home late and blames it on their work schedule—even when it is not their busy season. The same would hold for a higher volume of business trips.

  1. They are being secretive on the phone.

Every time the phone rings, your companion goes to another room to take the call. Or you notice that they immediately delete emails and text messages and keep the phone face down at all times.

  1. They change thier passcodes.

Your mate frequently changes his passcodes to his phone, email, and social networking sites.

  1. They becoming suddenly accusatory of you being unfaithful.

You notice your mate is more on edge and is suddenly accusing you of cheating. Could this be their own guilty conscience?

“Even before physical cheating comes emotional cheating—the sharing and divulging intimate details of our lives with someone other than our spouse. Such emotional cheating often serves as the gateway to physical infidelity. Once you begin to share how you feel, your dreams, and your inspirations with another person, it is only a matter of time before that ends in bed. You are creating a soul tie where you are bound to that person on an emotional level, and that emotional bond can easily lead to physical connection.”

Have you recognized any of these behaviors in your mate or with yourself?

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