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Relationships take work, but It shouldn’t be a job…let me show you how to simplify.

Dr. Jacquie’s Bio

Dr. Jacquie’s meteoric rise as a well-respected relationship and marriage expert stems from her magnetic appeal, her ability to capture audiences, and her practical solutions to relatable, everyday issues. Popularly known to media outlets as America’s Marriage Coach™, Dr. Jacquie is an educator, author, advocate, counselor, and visionary, who has become the “How-to lady,” teaching people how to have better marriages, how to live better lives, and how to recapture lost visions. Best known for her reformative leadership in the world of marriage coaching, educational performance, and family strengthening, Dr. Jacquie has been featured on shows and stations such as CNN, Dr. Drew, Fox News, Huffington Post, TV One, and Martha Stewart Radio, and has graced the pages of Bloomberg Newsweek and an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Dr. Jacquie also hosted her show, Heart to Heart with Dr. Jacquie on Fox Soul. In her role as a certified marriage counselor and state-approved premarital course provider, Dr. Del Rosario has developed success-proven tools to help couples talk through their problems and create healthy solutions in support of her vision to break generational cycles of hardship that have crippled so many families. She is known for her uncanny ability to hear what couples don’t say and to see what isn’t obvious—remarkable skills that have helped her build a solid practice for working effectively with couples and singles across the country. “The foundation of any society,” Dr. Jacquie believes, “starts in the individual homes of its people.” The host of tools she has developed throughout the years to cultivate the skills for healthy relationships and marriage—Curricula, The Marriage University, and Relationship Keys, the Compatibility Quiz, conferences, intensive training, and more, provide the skill-based learning effect positive change in relationships.

Additional outstanding achievements and highlights include:

Dr. Del Rosario is the founder of Recapturing the Vision (RTV), a globally recognized nonprofit that Dr. Jacquie dedicated to breaking the generational cycles that handicap low-income children and families. Over 60 million in federal, state, and local funding has helped to propel the organization’s empowerment and steps toward educational reform.

Two invitations to the White House to work on public policy and provide Congressional testimony included Dr. Jacquie’s participation on The White House National Advisory Panel, where she helped shape national standards for teen pregnancy prevention programs. She has also lobbied on the Hill and presented a host of national conferences and training.

Past contributions to the field have included receipt of $23 Million from the federal government to implement her marriage program in educational institutions across South Florida from 2012-2025.

Launched “Making Marriage Work” – a radio talk show which served as a stage for an intelligent and practical conversation about real marital problems (2008) and, in 2011, the launched of “The Marriage University,” an online training center for couples geared toward teaching the principles of healthy relationships.

She has designed programs that affect youth and families and has authored 12 curricula that are used in schools around the country.

Dr. Del Rosario holds a bachelor of Science in psychology and a Master’s and Doctorate in Education with an emphasis on conflict resolution and curriculum development.

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